Commercial Heat Pump Products

commercial heatpumpOur range of Alliance Commercial heat pumps from 10kW through to 38.5kW units are suited to any hot water application, providing ten's of thousands of litres per hour. This includes specialised heat pumps for swimming pool heating for Gyms and Spa's.  

Modularity allows up to 16 uints to be linked for a single application, with water temperature adjustable from 40º to 60Cº on the Commercial units. 
Because water heating can take place any time of day or night (i.e. when electricity demand is low), as well as during cloudy or rainy weather, Alliance Heat Pumps are ideal for commercial applications such as hotels, guesthouses, B&B’s, hostels, factories and offices.

Alliance Heat Pumps are PREMIUM quality products, linked with nationwide  distribution, technical service and spares back-up.

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