Eskom Domestic Heat Pump Rebate Programme

Alliance Heat Pumps are accredited on Eskom's Heat Pump Suppliers programme and by installing an Alliance Heat Pump to replace an electric element geyser you qualify for an instant rebate .

If you are an individual home owner, game lodge, bed and breakfast operator, a metro, buying in bulk, or a corporate organisation, you can take advantage of Eskom's heat pump rebate programme.

Rebates only apply when you are retrofitting or replacing existing electrical element geysers.

Customers who already have an electrical element geyser with a capacity of between 100 litres and 500 litres are eligible to purchase rebated heat pumps

The rebates are as follows (incl. VAT)

Heat pump tank size             Rebate
100 - 300 litres                          R4,181.52
301 - 500 litres                          R4,924.80

When you buy an Alliance Heat Pump supplied by an Alliance-trained installer, you get the rebate up front, without any delay or having to apply for it. The result is excellent value for money - and payback on your investment within 2 to 3 years!

There are three types of Eskom savings programmes available: for residential, guest house and commercial/industrial application.

For more information, please contact Airnergy.

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